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Solo Artist | Producer | Singer | Songwriter | Pianist | Priestess | Muse

“How can I tell my kidlette he can do and be anything he wants if I don’t do and become myself?”

Pearl, originally from Northern NY, is the face of Los Angeles-based Pearl & The Prayers: a sonic collage of handpicked, talented musicians and performers. She immerses listeners in collective retrospection, personal introspection, and radical invention. Pulling from her influences | Mozart | The Beatles | Cyndi Lauper | Frank Zappa | Led Zeppelin | Queen | Massive Attack | Portishead | Sevdaliza | Tori Amos | Björk | My Brightest Diamond | PJ Harvey | Eminem | Lil Wayne | M.I.A. | Ella Fitzgerald | Billie Holiday | Grizzly Bear | The National | Radiohead | Beck | Sufjan Stevens | she seeks to heal those who need it with her voice, soul connection, and enchantments. 

A Berklee College of Music alum trained in Electronic Production & Sound Design, Pearl continues to work in the field, with a passion for teaching marginalized individuals currently underrepresented in music production. It is her desire to level the playing field and to invite an intuitive and DIVINE FEMININE energy and perspective to an industry that is hungry for new sounds and safer spaces.


Pearl's childhood fascination with Catholic mystical experiences, inherited empathic, claircognizance and powerful channeling abilities, combined with her first B.A. in Art History from SUNY Albany, prepared her for an unexpected and truly fulfilling calling as a Medium, Healer & High Priestess. In her own words: 

"For those of you who don’t know the story of my journey with tarot, it began 16 years ago in a little shop in Ann Arbor, MI, called “Crazy Wisdom.” This place was the bees knees with everything from a live music venue and café to esoteric and academic books about the Spiritual and the philosophical. It was my escape from an emotionally abusive and restrictive environment, manifested outside of self, but truly, buried deeply within myself. In that shop, I purchased my first Smith-Waite Tarot deck with its indefatigable 1970s paperback guidebook. I was afraid of it, thinking I might end up conjuring demons. Little did I know, it would bring me closer to God, than any other ritual practice I have received and devoted myself to, besides my escapades with the Green Man 🐉, of course…but that’s another story…

I recognize now, that it’s my job to share magic with the World, the channeling and uplifting of humanity, of the powerful experience of the Higher self through our material senses. I show the cracks in the veil where our sixth sense and our material reality intersect. I connect the head to the heart and the heart to the head. Like a serpent eating its tail."     

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