Spiritual Nourishment I ~ Becoming The Empress

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Learn to embody the intuitive nourishment of the Divine Feminine Energy within self. This course is for anyone who may have struggled with tuning into our Divine Right to pleasure, nourishment and adornment. This course begins with exploring methods to heal disordered eating patterns, food and body image anxiety, and restrictive beliefs about deprivation and health. Students will explore the first 4 Principles of Intuitive Eating alongside mindfulness techniques, journal prompts, past life regression exploration, and ritual magical practices that enhance our connection to the Divine Mother energy and allow us to truly begin to retrieve and nourish our souls. Together, Pearl & Ash, here at Tuned In Tarot, have created a magical journey to assist you in tuning into your heart's most authentic self. Through the symbolic language of the Tarot and recommended reading from a plethora of enlightening resources, and through the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Mother, we hope you find your way to a renewed sense of the power of Feminine Intuition and your ability to surrender to the peace of believing in the language of your own cravings, desires, passions, and emotions.

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Meliss Shampine
Meliss Shampine


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Spiritual Nourishment I ~ Becoming The Empress

Spiritual Nourishment I ~ Becoming The Empress

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